Catch a glimpse of Love Is Blind Season 5 and its premiere date

Netflix has unveiled a sneak peek into Love Is Blind season five

Set to premiere in September, leaving fans still recovering from the season four reunion.

The June 17 trailer teases the journey of a couple towards marriage, marking their second attempt.

During their pod date, the woman shares her history of disappointing relationships, which prompts the man to assure her that it doesn't intimidate him.

In a surprising revelation, he confesses his past engagement, prompting her to disclose her previous marriage.

Through the wall, they offer mutual reassurance, expressing their commitment to honesty and vulnerability in their potential union.

Following her expression of love for him, she opens up in a personal interview about her struggle to fully embrace his affectionate words.

In tears, she reflects on her mother's perspective, sharing, "My mom often suggests that maybe I'm not destined for a romantic relationship."

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